· Doctor of Philosophy from East China Normal University.

· Recently served as a Chinese teacher for three years in the   United States.

  i University of Central Arkansas

  ii Bentonville School District from Arkansas

· Awarded the 'Most Influent Teacher' and 'Excellence Teaching   Award' from Bentonville School District for three consecutive   years from 2014~2016.

Enjoys aerobics and running, nice and interesting

· Master's Degree from Yang Zhou University.

· Recently served as a Chinese teacher for two years in the   United States.

  i Kennesaw State University from Georgia

  ii Skyview Elementary School, Bibb County School District   from Georgia

· 500+ students taught and 2,000+ course hours delivered.

Enjoys singing and traveling, patient and easy-going

· Master's Degree from Xi`an International Studies University.

· Recently served as an online Chinese teacher for two years.

  i University of Michigan

  ii Brandeis University

· 200+ students taught and 1,500+ course hours delivered.

Enjoys calligraphy and traveling, humorous and patient

· Master's Degree from Minzu University of China.

· Recently served as a Chinese teacher for more than four years.

  i Beijing Institute of Technology

  ii American CET academic program

· 560+ students taught and 2,250+ course hours delivered.

Enjoys singing,dancing,instrument playing,Sport,Suzhou Embroidery,paper-cutting and cooking. Teaches Students in Accordance of Their Aptitude
Teacher:Li Lu

· Master's Degree from Beijing Foreign Studies University

· Served as a volunteer Chinese teacher for one year in Malaysia.

  i Matrix Global Schools in Seremban

  ii 105 students taught and 666 course hours delivered

· Certificate for Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages, Confucius Institute Headquarters.

Enjoys drawing and mountain climbing, enthusiastic and humorous